10 Hilariously Funny Pictures Of Dogs Before And After A Bath! #10 Is Epic!

Underneath all of that fur, do you really know what your best-friend looks like? It’s not unlike seeing a celebrity without their makeup on for the first time. You know there is something vaguely familiar there, but you just can’t reconcile what you see with what you expect to see.

There aren’t many aspects of giving your dog a bath that are all that inviting, but getting to see how small and adorable, or just hilarious they look with their wet fur does make up for some of the hassle that goes along with bathing your pet.

You may or may not want to publicly embarrass your pooch by posting their pics all over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sight of these adorable doggies before and after their water-logged transformations.

#1. This pup with an attitude!