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14 Year Old Girl With Special Needs Adopts A Cat No One Wanted To Take Home – AwwThings.com

14 Year Old Girl With Special Needs Adopts A Cat No One Wanted To Take Home

Some matches are just meant to be hence the term “match made in Heaven.” Laura and her new friend Lou are one of those pairs. Fourteen-year old Laura in Spain has a rare hereditary disorder that gives her trouble with her neurological and physical development.

Her mom, Isa Gonzalez Asensio, decided to find Laura a therapeutic companion animal and happened across an unwanted cat in a shelter named Lou. Lou was a little older than the popular cats and just wasn’t what anyone was looking for but that didn’t matter to his brand-new family.

In fact, Lou and Laura immediately bonded and have made each other’s lives so much fuller already. At first, Lou’s new family said they just could not understand why no one wanted such a wonderful and sweet cat, but they now know that it was because he was waiting for Laura.

Lorca Animal Rescue was very happy to see Lou get adopted and thought he deserved it. Laura’s mom recorded the moment when Laura and Lou first met and the wonderful video is so spectacularly sweet!

Laura is outwardly thrilled and making happy noises and Lou just snuggles into her arm. Lou then begins to groom Laura’s shirt and Laura pulls Lou in a little closer for extra snuggles. Laura laughs as Lou shakes his head and just enjoys the attention. Laura’s sheer joy is totally worth the tears that you’ll lose watching this short video.

If you think that a senior pet is patiently waiting for you, you can adopt at the Humane Society here. Share away, people!

Image & Feature Image Source: Isabel Gonzalez Asensio