Aww-dorable Dachshund Puppy Can’t Sleep Because, Aargh, Hiccups!!!

Hiccups have really bad timing and are extremely stubborn. When they want to hit you, they will hit you. That said, they are kinda cruel.

YouTube/Rumble Viral

What’s worse is when you get them when you’re about to sleep. Bummer! Sadly, this young Dachshund is experiencing such thing now. The baby is deprived of a peaceful sleep because hiccups keep getting in the way!

YouTube/Rumble Viral

“Dang, my body keeps twitching and I don’t even know why! All I wanna do is sleep, for chrissake. Let me freakin’ sleep!”

YouTube/Rumble Viral

“I’m currently in a situation no one wants to be in. Like, seriously. This is utter torture!”

I feel you, dahling!

Video by YouTube/Rumble Viral