This Cat Loves Rubbing Her Head On Her Human’s Beard. So Sweet It’s Giving Me A Toothache!

We all have varying ways to bond with our pets. It’s quite different for each one of us. But, the important thing is that we’re down for whatever it is that interest our animal buddies the most. At the end of the day, it’s our responsibility to please them because they’ve been sweet and kind to us ever since they invaded our lives!

These two BFFs, however, have some rather peculiar way of having fun that they deserve to be featured in a separate article. Yeah, right. Guess what? This human and his gorgeous Sphynx kitty loves doing beard rubs to kill time!

YouTube/Rumble Viral

YouTube/Rumble Viral

This couldn’t get any sweeter, you guys. It is actually that coquettish feline who’s obsessed with scratching her head on the guy’s beard. Being the understanding person that he is, this pet owner just obeys. He seems to be enjoying the whole thing, anyways, so there’s really not a problem!

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