Dad In Coma Doesn’t Respond To Anyone, But When His Dog Comes To Visit Him?

Last month, Giovanni had a heart attack while out walking his dog Nancy. The paramedics got there in time to resuscitate the seventy-three-year-old man. And Nancy sat, heartbroken, while the ambulance loaded him up and took him away. At the hospital, Giovanni fell into a coma while Nancy waited for him at his daughter’s house. She kept watch on the door hoping he would return soon.

The man’s daughter, Deborah, learned that the hospital allowed pets to be reunited with their humans so Deborah loaded Nancy up to see Giovanni. When Nancy was placed on the bed with Giovanni, his entire body began to stir as if he were excited to see Nancy, who eagerly wagged her tail.

She laid beside him and licked his face while Deborah noticed his expression change to being very sad and somber, as if crying. Deborah believes that he was showing that he was glad to know that Nancy is okay and taken care of, and that he now feels as if he has said his good-byes.

Incontro tra il mio Babbo e Nancy reparto di rianimazione Ulss 13 Mirano

Posted by Deborah Del Sere on Thursday, 15 December 2016

Giovanni is not expected to wake up from his coma and will be moved to a long-term care facility soon. Deborah says that he had seemed much more peaceful and calm since Nancy’s visit. Nancy has also been happier. I’d bet that the two see each other any more times since it helped them both so much.

The hospital’s coordinator for pet visits says that Giovanni and Nancy’s responses are exactly why the program was created “because the human-animal bond in one of pure and inseparable love.” Share away, people.

Images & Feature Image Source: Deborah Del Sere