These Kids Got Dreams So Big And Weird You’ll Have Lots Of Fun Reading Them!

You got a bunch of crazy dreams when you were just a tiny tot, didn’t you? Your parents taught you to aim high. You were told that nothing is impossible in this world, that when you believe it, you can achieve it. So, you started aspiring to become anything you ever wanted yourself to be.

Just like you, these kids over here also got the biggest of dreams. However, they’re probably a little more interesting than yours. Why? THEIRS ARE FLAT-OUT INSANE. So, so, so crazy they’re hilarious!

One kid simply dreams of owning a hat someday… so he could put it on. It couldn’t get any better than that, you guys! Another kiddo only has one great wish in life: make it rain tacos. Well, that is completely reasonable. I, myself, would love to witness that day because ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH FOOD MAKES ME AND MY TUMMY HAPPY. So, I think that’s a really cool dream to have.

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