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Loyal Dogs Hop Into The Ambulance To Comfort Their Unconscious Owner – AwwThings.com

Loyal Dogs Hop Into The Ambulance To Comfort Their Unconscious Owner

Last week, a man fell and bumped his head pretty good while out walking with his two dogs. When paramedics arrived, they found out that the pair of dogs did not plan on being separated from their owner. They seemed to know that he was getting help and did not bother the EMTs, but stayed by his other side while they worked.

As soon as the paramedics began loading the man into the ambulance, the dogs hopped right up in there too and got comfortable. The paramedics decided to choose their battles and let the dogs ride along as it was evident they intended to.

One of them even placed his paw on the man’s stretcher by his head and licked his face all the way to the hospital. When they arrived, the nurses noticed the dogs’ desire to be close to him as well and decided to allow them to stay. One even laid on his bed with him while he received care.

Hospital intern Joha Morillas Zapata posted pictures later that day showing the man in a wheelchair and his two loyal companions as his feet. The intern marked the pictures with the caption “Example of loyalty. The patients of the day.” No matter what kind of recovery this man faces, it is apparent that he will not have to face it alone.

Here’s to hoping he lives a full and long life with his two faithful friends at his side. It is obvious there is no place they would rather be. Consider adopting loyal friends at Adopt-A-Pet.