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The Most Eerie, Epic Pics Ever Captured By Coincidence – AwwThings.com

The Most Eerie, Epic Pics Ever Captured By Coincidence

Pictures have a way of going bad no matter how hard some of us try. Today’s internet is all about capturing and sharing pictures without a thought to the extreme where even the most outrageous picture no longer draws attention. Some pictures are from bad to creepy and here’s a few of the scariest pictures ever taken.

1. A picture of a soldier who died the day before the picture was taken.

2. A family posing with their dead child relative.

3. Grandma’s dead husband staying with her after his death.

4. An image of a child found in a picture of his grave.

5. A helicopter’s pilot still flying in his afterlife.

6. A ghost still enjoying his favorite chair.

7. A Russian soldier’s skin found by Finnish troops.

8. This ridiculously scary island of hanging dolls. No, thanks! N.O.P.E.

9. A possessed woman caught on film.

10. A picture of a family in their new home taken just as a body fell through the ceiling.

11. An inmate being kept still at an asylum.

12. The Tana Toraja in North Silawesai performing their annual ceremony exhuming their dead.

13. A man posing with his collection of dead bodies.

14. Creepy McCreepster behind these kids is what horror films are based on.

15. A group of dolls involved in a ritual in a bar basement.

16. A cult in Western Italy performing ceremonies.

17. A picture capturing what has to be a serial killer sneaking up on someone in Fort Worden, Washington.

18. A preacher long after his death.

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