These Two Babies Kiss Each Other’s Lips. Their Reactions Are So Friggin’ Priceless!

First kiss is so dang important it has to be perfect. It has to happen with the right person, and at the right place at the right time. And, gosh, it’s utterly nerve-wracking your lips quiver like never before. Your heart throbs uncontrollably it’s already gonna burst out of your chest. It’s just a feeling you can’t compare to anything.

So, I completely understand why these two babies got into some kind of fit after they locked lips. They’re two innocent little kids sharing a kiss for the first time. We have to understand that the whole thing’s extremely alien to them, that’s why they reacted so adorably!



The woman holding the camera can’t contain her happiness at what she’s seeing she couldn’t help but giggle. It’s safe to say we giggled the exact same way looking at these two cutie pies. Again and again and again, they’re just the cutest pair ever!

Watch the video on the next slide! Be still, my heart!