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Woman Leaves Home In Pouring Rain To Save A Senior Dog She Saw On Facebook – AwwThings.com

Woman Leaves Home In Pouring Rain To Save A Senior Dog She Saw On Facebook

Jaripo was old and tired. He did not get around as good as he used to and so his owners decided they didn’t want the eighteen-year-old Pomeranian anymore. They took him to a shelter and informed the workers that he had a terminal illness and needed to be put down.

The shelter posted a last-ditch-effort post to see if anyone wanted to take him home to die in a loving environment and the post eventually reached Christina Morgan, founder of Paw Works in Ventura County California who she jumped into action.

Morgan drove about two hours in the rain to get him. She even called the shelter ahead of time, but they wouldn’t guarantee that he would still be alive when she got there saying that if they needed to put him down, they would.

When she finally arrived, the workers were so happy to see her there in time and were thrilled to send Jaripo away to be loved again.

Jaripo was immediately taken to the vet and surprisingly, while he had pain in his spine and hips and some needed work on his teeth, his bloodwork was fine.

He didn’t have a terminal illness after all. Jaripo is now happily living in a foster home where he will stay to live out the remainder of his days as a loved family pet.

He won’t have to worry about being abandoned because of his age again. To help support Paw Works in its mission to help as many cats and dogs as possible, consider donating to the organization here.

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Images & Feature Image Source: Twitter / Lisa Vanderpump & Paw Works