You Won’t Believe Who Kept Stealing This Store’s Chocolates! Check Out The Hidden Camera!

Thievery is a huge problem these days. And it’s the parent’s fault. I mean, why didn’t those squirrels raise their kids the right way? Wait, what? The squirrels have formed a nutty mafia and are teaming up to teach each other how to steal from a convenience store in Toronto, Canada.

It turns out, they like nutty chocolate bars. The squirrels hightail it into the store behind customers, wrap their sticky fingers right around chocolate bars, and then scramble to get back out of the opened door of Luke’s Grocery and Snack Bar.

It seems they have been getting away with the behavior unnoticed until a recent uptake in thefts caused the store owners to take a second look at their security cameras.

Cindy Kim says that her parents are to blame because they have been feeding the birds seeds out front of their store and have drawn in more than lonely pigeons. When the seeds run out, the squirrels run in.

The squirrels may be smart, but the Kim’s are smarter-er. Kind of. They catch the squirrels hanging around the door and try to shoo them off before they get in, but it does not work most of the time because they just don’t see them.

Before they realize what is going on, the squirrel is halfway down the street hugging his Payday bar in close. The family is trying to figure out how to stop the onslaught of gangster squirrels in the spring, when they come back full force.

You can check out the video of a ninja-squirrel below.

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Images & Feature Image Source: YouTube / StopThatSquirrel DropThatBar