Your Weird Friends Will Want To Move Into These Odd Homes

Moving into a new home can be a thrilling experience when you have a love of art and decorating. Some people go beyond the basic paint choices, and wallpapers and find new ways to create unique living spaces. Here are some of the most unusual homes in the world.

1. Japan Transparent House.

The natural lighting here is insane, but the lack of privacy maybe a no-go for many.

2. Malibu’s Skateboard House.

Every surface in and outside of the house was created to be skated on.

3. The World’s Slimmest House in Poland.

This house is only 92 to 152 cm in width! Failproof plan to keep from gaining weight!

4. Belgium’s Modernized Water Tower.

The tower is 100-feet high and used to be a Nazi hide-out during the war. The owners transformed it into a living space.

5. The Flintstone’s Home in Malibu.

This single-story house was inspired by the TV show and is owned by Dick Clark, but is listed at $3.5 Million.

6. The World’s Smallest 1-Square-Meter House in Germany.

This house is more like a toy-house as it is portable and has no restroom.

7. Japan’s Slide House.

This three-story house has stairs up one side, and a slide down the other side. Talk about a kid’s paradise.

8. Portugal’s Stone House.

It looks like it’s just a massive rock, but it has a door, chimney, and a window. It’s also a huge tourist attraction.

9. Holland’s Church Home.

The church was converted and is GORGEOUS on the inside. Zecc Architecten actually remodeled two churches.

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