15 Animals Whose Expressions Speak For Themselves

Although animals cannot speak for themselves, but they sure can show their feelings with the help of their expressive face. In fact, some of them are so classic, you will be lost for words! They manage to tell so much without even uttering a purr or a whine. There are so many images across the web. We have compiled the best ones for you, so that you can laugh your hearts out –

1.When You Are Mad At Them, But They Give You A Peck On The Cheek Instead

Imagine you being angry over your pet over some issue. Man, your cat or dog will hate it. They can’t bear the fact that you are not talking to them. Emotionally, they feel lonely if you are pissed off at them. Although cats might not take it to heart, dogs certainly do feel it! But what if, it comes and gives a peck on your cheek? Reciprocating this love can help you to break the ice.