15 Strange Ways To Encourage Yourself

We live in a world where there are many tempting distractions. Not only are these time-wasters, these are mentally detrimental for any person. You find yourself sitting blankly in front of your computer, doing nothing. You have been simply gazing into the space for hours at a stretch. Getting off the couch can be exceptionally hard. The stress that follows after the procrastination is intense. But you are still not getting all excited about the action that presently misses in your life. You surely need a little bit of motivation. But how? Here are 15 weird ways to motivate yourself, but they are effective –

1. Set Phone Reminders


Enter your goals in the phone. Every time your phone beeps a reminder, you will look down and see your goal in front of your eyes. Keep your target in your mind. When you start thinking of it regularly, slowly but surely, you will learn to prioritize matters. Whatever you keep delaying, put it in your phone reminders. Brain is trained through repetition. Expose yourself to a certain idea and work towards it. It could be anything, from something like penning a novel or getting six-pack abs. It’s effective and it’s also not rocket science either. Just make sure your goals are bound to an alarm.