21 Times People Wore The Perfect Shirt At The Right Time

Did you ever take a photo and say “wow, that was perfect timing”? This article contains 21 times people wore the perfect shirt at the right time. Can you get any better than these? I don’t think so…


1. Regret always comes last.


2. Soulmates


3. Who’s who?!?!?!


4. …because it is angry.


5. I see you, bro.


6. My idea of party


7. An ice cream licking situation…


8. if you can’t beat ’em… be one of ’em.


9. On walking the walk and flying…


10. They all got the memo!



11. We know, right???


12. It was indeed Andrew Scott!


13. I think we’re being a little too judgmental over here.


14. This guy just fulfilled all of his dreams. In minutes.


15. Basic Instinct


16. No need to wonder why they’re BFFS.


17. A selfie addict and a selfie hater in one picture.


18. When you’reĀ  a natural magnet for trouble…


19. This is why we can’t have nice things…


20. Boy got taste


21. Meet the Stripes…