Girl Gives Up Her Life To Save Hundreds Of Dogs

There are many people all across the world who come across as saviors of the cute little puppers. However, there are also some others who leave the dog uncared for and some who go one step ahead and abuse them. However, there is a girl by the name of Sebahat Hanifeoglu from Kastamonu, Turkey, who has dedicated her life to saving the dogs around her. She made quite a lot of sacrifices in her life and did something to change the fate of the homeless dogs.

The Hundreds Of Homeless Dogs In The Area

Homeless pups were not an uncommon sight in Kastamonu, Turkey. It was common for the dog owners to abandon their pets in the mountains or the filthy areas. However, Sebahat was not like the others in the area. She did not turn her back away from the little ones and started to adopt them one at a time.