Hair Tie Trick That Can Help You Be A Better Parent

Movies show parenting to be quite easy and it is all picnics and lunches. However, reality is much different and you have to juggle things like arguments, pressure, errands, and frustration. With everything that goes on in your life, taking care of a child properly can be a very tough task. There are many things that can help people not to be an angry parent. One of these things is known as the Hair Tie Trick and it was started by Katie Holmes.

The Hair Tie Trick

Katie Holmes wrote the book “The (Reformed) Idealist Mom”. She wrote a post on Facebook, “Today, I tried something new. I put five hair ties on my daughter’s wrist. Her daily goal is to end every day with those five hair ties still on her wrist. Every time she said something out of anger, or was less than patient with her little ones, she would move a hair tie to the opposite wrist. To earn the tie back, she would have to say something loving to her children and complete five loving interactions.”