Indiana Prison Takes In Shelter Cats And They Change Prisoners’ Hearts

Pets have always been more than just our companions. But do you know having a pet by your side can heal you of your pain? There have been many researches over the years on the therapeutic power of cats and dogs on humans. They help in reducing depression and anxiety, loneliness, elevate and even decrease blood pressure. But this body in Indiana went one step ahead and targeted on the uplifting of human society by helping the outcasts –

1. In 2015, Animal Protection League, In Indiana Started A Program In Pendleton Correctional Facility

In 2015 in the state of Indiana, Animal Protection League started a wonderful program in Pendleton Correctional Facility called F.O.R.W.A.R.D. Their sole objective was to start a benevolent program which could go beyond the social taboos and help create an ecosystem of love. It was to involve two discards of the society – prisoners and abused animals.