The ‘World’s Hairiest Girl’ Has Shaved Her Face And Is Happily Married

Getting a trophy from Guinness Book of World Records is a crowning moment for everybody. After all, you have accomplished a feat which no one else could. But what if it was awarded to you for a disadvantageous trait? This is what Sumatra Susuphan, a girl from Bangkok, Thailand, has to endure. She was labeled as the world’s hairiest person in 2010. But there is a twist to this tale –

1. She Suffers From A Rare Congenital Skin Disease

Sumatra Susuphan was born with Ambras Syndrome, a form of hypertrichosis that causes excessive body-hair growth, which is also known as Werewolf Syndrome. Her face is covered in hair and she more or less resembles a primate who has escaped the jungle. As a result of her disorder, she was ostracized from the society.