These Church Signs Are Winning At Life… Find Out Why HERE!

Church is more than just a place to pray to God each week.  They can also provide some funny comic relief with their signs in front of the building.  These are some hilarious examples.

1. Life is but a choice, indeed.


2. Boy, if this ain’t the truest thing my soul has grasped today…


3. Church be keeping up with the modern times.


4. Just let God do the “sorting”.


5. You’ll be so hot you’ll burn into ashes.


6. That’s the church begging, by the way.


7. That’s the whole point of it all, anyway.


8. No-brainer!


9. I don’t know, but I find this a little too invasive.


10. Aww!


11. So, why can’t others follow suit?


12. Now, you guys know what will happen if you did the same thing.


13. Imagine God saying the exact same thing!


14. I see what you did there, silly.


15. And, I thought all along the church is forgiving…


16. They work hand in hand, always remember that.


17. Drowning in puns be like…


18. Talk about traffic and its relation to hell…