Top Ten Qualities Of Dogs That Make Them Man’s Best Friend

For thousands of years we humans have resided on this planet. The only other species that has always been by our side is the faithful dog. That may probably be one of the reasons why most families in the U.S. have a pet dog. They are also smart and talented. They have protected us, working right by our sides. So, this list is dedicated to these cuties who have accompanied us through thick and thin. It will help us to explore why dogs make the best companions for humans –

1. Loyalty

Dogs have been loyal in every situation. They have even helped their masters in wars and battles. Your dog is always at your side, especially when you are sad. This holds true for almost all breeds of canines. Dogs are extremely loyal if they see that their master is reciprocating the feelings. If the bonding between the pet and master is good, the canines want to stay with their owner all the time.