Twin Sisters From Ohio Are Born Holding Hands; 5 Years Later They Are Just As Close

Twins are pretty special . Equally special is the bond that they share. After all, when you share a womb, a sort of telepathic connection is formed. This connection was easily noticeable for a set of twins in Ohio. Their birth time images have now gone viral. The reason? They were photographed holding hands, just moments after their birth. This sounds too cute, doesn’t it? And, like most identical twins, this pair of sisters are extremely close. They rarely leave each others’ sides and it seems they will stay together for life.

1. Twins Share A Bond Like No Other


Twins don’t share an ordinary sibling relationship. Twins and other identical fetus births, namely triplets and quadruplets, share a weird and uncommon closeness which other people often perceive as absurd. But it is true. According to researchers, this is most likely due to the similarity in the chromosome pairing. Our behavioral aspects depend a lot on our genetic structure.